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Sweet ZZ Automatic, is an innovative step in the world of automatic flowering varieties. It is truly unique in terms of its potency, taste and performance.



Sweet ZZ Automatic: A Self-Inflicted Anomaly

Beginning growers are usually attracted to native varieties because of the ease with which they can be grown. However, many experienced growers prefer them because of their yield. Sweet ZZ Automatic combines these elements to meet the needs of beginners and experienced growers alike. It is easy and immediate to grow, while offering yields that exceed those of most photoperiod varieties.

Our skilled growers have created this species using some excellent varieties as parents. From the beginning their goal was to raise the bar for self-adapting varieties. Performance and effects are important factors but so is taste. That is why Zkittiez was chosen as the first parent variety. The award-winning flavour and aroma of the variety added some wonderful characteristics, while the Indica genetic characteristics did their best to achieve a relaxing effect. We then had to find an equivalent tasting variety to introduce the indigenous genetic characteristics into the blend. Auto Fruit was an excellent choice. This variety is sweet and has a rapid growth cycle. Our expert growers have carefully combined the genetic characteristics of the two varieties to create a spectacular result called Sweet ZZ Automatic. The characteristics of this variety really exceeded our expectations.


Sweet ZZ Automatic inherited a predominantly Indica genetic profile. It provides a heavy effect that targets mainly the body. To describe its effects as relaxing is a real understatement. We took a sample of her flowers in the lab and confirmed that she does have a monstrous amount of THC, which is 18%. Such a high content hits the body with power, relaxing it and stopping stress and anxiety. Sweet ZZ Auto is an ideal recreational variety, especially for smoking with friends. Order food, watch a good movie and get away from reality for a while.

A wide range of terpenes enhance the already intense and long-lasting lift it offers. These molecules give it a great taste and play an important role in shaping the experience it offers. It is the caryophyllene that is most abundant in Sweet ZZ Auto and gives it spicy and peppery notes. Surprisingly, this molecule also plays the role of a cannabinoid. Caryophyllene activates the CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system and thus produces anti-inflammatory effects. This mechanism further enhances the healing properties of Sweet ZZ Auto.

The variety also contains large amounts of humulene, which gives it a hop aroma and flavour. Limonene is another important terpene, which offers lemon notes and contributes to stress reduction.


It’s packed with THC and delicious terpenes. What else do you want? Get ready to have fun. Sweet ZZ Automatic produces impressive crops and does it in a very short time. After germination, it takes only 75 days to produce a large quantity of mature flowers. During this period it will reach a height of about one metre, remaining quite manageable for most growers.

If you intend to grow it indoors, you can expect a harvest of 400g/m². If, on the other hand, you choose to grow it outdoors, then it will offer you an impressive harvest of 160g/plant.

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