Wedding Glue Car (Fast Buds)

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  • Perfect for cannabis concentrates. The very high resin concentration makes it ideal for those looking for the highest production yields from seedling exports.
  • Super productive automatic flowering plant. This strain can produce up to 550gr/m2 in 70 days!
  • One of the strongest for 2021! An extremely potent autoflower with 26% THC.
  • Ideal terpenes for lovers of sweet flavours. Delicious sweet taste reminiscent of vanilla. You’ll be drooling!
  • Excellent balance. With a highly balanced effect, the strain is suitable for all types of growers,

Wedding Glue Car – Fast Buds

Wedding Glue Auto is a robust autoflower, suitable for all types of growers, as it is very easy to grow and develop. It is a hybrid with Indica dominance. It takes about 63-70 days from sowing to harvest. It can reach a height of 120cm. It gives an estimated production yield of about 550gr/m2. Thanks to the high 26% THC content, this cannabis strain offers a powerful effect. The flowers (buds) it develops are extremely resinous and look as if they are covered with a creamy glaze. It produces a delightful blend of terpenes where sweet vanilla and earthy aromas stand out. It makes a strong “head” with a slow transition to a more relaxing effect.

Flower description

This cannabis seedling develops very dense and compact flowers (buds) due to the thick covering of trichomes, which give the buds a milky colour. At first glance, it may be difficult to discern their details. On closer inspection, you will notice the beautiful greenish nugs with dark green tones and a few dark orange hairs on top of the swollen medium-size calyxes, which sometimes may become purple at the edges. The flowers (buds) give off a unique aroma that is very reminiscent of vanilla icing from afar, but a deeper and more complex blend of aromas will gradually be revealed once the buds open.

Effects of smoking

Despite the Indica dominance, Wedding Glue Auto offers a balanced effect. The influence starts off strong as a “head” of motivation and stimulation, which will help you maintain high levels of concentration and boost your creativity. As time goes on, the Sativa effect will begin to come into play with a gradual transition to a deeper state of physical relaxation that can ease muscle aches and pains and promote a peaceful mental state.

Plant appearance

It is a highly productive cannabis seedling with an estimated yield of up to 550gr/m2 in 9-10 weeks. It belongs to the quite tall cannabis seedlings, as it can reach a height of 120 cm. The sapling develops strong lateral branches that grow close together, giving it a compact structure despite its height. Thanks to the well-balanced mix, this variety develops a bushy foliage with a purple tint early on and multiple flowering points that will produce super frosty and dense flowers (buds) the size of a ping pong ball.

The perfect choice for cannabis extractors looking for high quality cannabis strains with distinct, yet attractive, terpene profiles. These cannabis strains perform strongly in terms of both high quality and high resin content.

Taste Earthy, Sweet, Vanilla
THC Up to 26%
CBD < 1%
Harvest EU Interior. Site 450 – 550 gr/m2
Harvest US Interior. Site 1.5 – 1.8 oz/ft2
Harvest EU Outdoor 60 – 160 gr/plant
Harvest US Outdoor 2 – 5 oz/plant
Size XL
Height 70 – 120 cm
Height US 28 – 47 inches
Flowering 9 – 10 weeks
Room Outdoor / Indoor. Site
Sex Females
Genes Sativa 40%/Indica 60%
Genetics Wedding Glue Car
Autoflowering Yes
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