Breathe freely with CBD Nasal Spray

DNH’s CBD nasal spray is primarily designed to relieve congestion and airway irritation.
The latest addition to our portfolio is DNH’s CBD Nasal Spray – the effective and fresh breeze of nature.An innovative supplement that provides clean air and free breathing thanks to its balanced ingredients.But is it also an effective alternative method of taking a daily dose of cannabinoids?
Discover all the potential benefits of CBD nasal spray:

Nasal CBD spray from DNH
At DNH, we pride ourselves on our passion for research and development of innovative CBD products. This has led to a wide range of unique cannabinoid supplements, all found and designed by dutch natural healing.
This ranges from a balanced CBD oil for daily use, to highly effective water-soluble CBDactive+ or a complete CBG plant oil, just to name a few.

The inspiration for our latest creation, however, comes mainly from one of our favourite doctors and teachers Patricia Frye from Takoma Park Hospital in the USA. Since it motivated us to create a CBD nasal spray worthy of DNH’s signature. And for a product like this CBD nasal spray to fit into our portfolio, it has to be of the highest quality possible.

Relieves clogged airways and stimulates recovery
In the case of this particular product, it means that we were looking for a balance between a highly effective nostril opening spray and clearing blocked nasal passages. While it was not allowed to give more than a mild sensation in the nose. After all, a good nasal spray is not only meant to open up clogged airways – but should also speed up the recovery of irritated nasal passages.

Thanks to the well-balanced ingredients of this formula, DNH’s CBD Nasal Spray 20ml – 1% (200mg) is exactly what it is intended for. After 1-2 sprays in each nostril, accompanied by a light inhalation, you should feel relief after 1-5 minutes. As reported by users, this spray is effective in relieving congestion and congestion of the nasal passages. This makes the product potentially useful in case of colds and more severe respiratory problems in the upper respiratory tract.

In addition, our CBD Nasal Spray can accelerate the recovery of irritated and damaged nasal passages. For example, it can help provide relief after a COVID-19 test with a nasal swab, for example.

CBD use in the nose
However, this CBD nasal spray does more than just provide relief for our nostrils and sinuses.
Since intranasal administration generally appears to be an easy and effective alternative method of taking the daily dose of cannabinoids. According to this research, the absorption of CBD through the nose is about 34-36% in 10 minutes. In addition, this study showed that intranasal CBD use could potentially be a good treatment for chronic pain.

In addition, several studies have been conducted on one of the world’s first cannabinoid supplements approved for medical use. It also demonstrated the benefits of intranasal administration of cannabidiol (CBD) – or other cannabinoids – in the case of childhood epilepsy. Of course, these studies do not directly guarantee that you will experience the same effect from our nasal spray. DNH’s CBD nasal spray is primarily designed to relieve congestion and airway irritation.
Other positive effects that can be felt thanks to the CBD in this nasal spray is just a nice side effect!


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