CBD oil for the treatment of patients with COVID-19

A hospital in Austria makes headlines after treating COVID-19 patients with CBD oil.
A major development in professional healthcare, promising a bright future for cannabinoid treatments during the coronavirus pandemic. This is what we know about the treatment in Austria – and the use of CBD oil to treat coronavirus in general:

CBD treatment in the hospital
The Klagenfurt clinic in Austria regularly uses Cannabidiol (CBD) from industrial hemp to treat patients with COVID-19, reports the local news agency Heute. Apparently, they had been successfully using the cannabinoid plant for quite some time. According to Rudolf Likar – Head of Intensive Care at the clinic – the doctors saw “the parameters of inflammation in the blood decrease and people leave the hospital faster than the comparison group.”
As it concludes: “CBD supports the immune system”.

Reportedly, patients with COVID-19 at the Klagenfurt clinic were treated with up to 300 mg of CBD per day.
A dosage created during the three-week treatment period. However, considering Israeli scientists have announced a number of different research projects covering the use of CBD in patients with COVID-19. We could expect many more hospitals to start using CBD oils and other supplements to treat patients battling the new coronavirus.

CBD oil against COVID-19
It is known that cannabinoids such as Cannabidiol could have a positive impact on our immune system and our health in general. As the substance is used en masse in the hope of treating various symptoms, from minor discomforts to serious illnesses. Though in the case of COVID-19, the effects of CBD are a bit more complex than simply “boosting the immune system”.

There are several animal studies suggesting that Cannabidiol (CBD) could help protect against – and may reduce existing – lung damage due to corona. This is because CBD is able to reduce the cytokine storm in the lungs caused by Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome(ARDS).
The latter of which is the leading cause of death in patients with COVID-19.

As we have mentioned in studies on our Blog: “CBD oil and vitamin D3 could help treat and prevent COVID -19″CBD’s power to reduce cytokine release – and reduce inflammation in the lungs – comes from its effect on the production of apelin in the body. Which, as we discovered, is somehow inhibited by COVID-19, but fortunately seems to be restored after cannabinoid treatment.
This demonstrates the effectiveness of CBD oil in the treatment and/or prevention of severe coronavirus infections.

Use of CBD oil to prevent or treat cornovirus
Obviously, the information on this Blog is intended for educational purposes only and is in no way intended to replace medical advice from health professionals. Although it shows a promising future for cannabinoid therapies against COVID-19 and other respiratory problems caused by cytokines.

In addition to CBD, there are a number of other substances that have been shown to be potentially useful in the treatment of COVID-19.
As discussed in the blog mentioned above, vitamin D could also help prevent and treat the new coronavirus. Therefore, we have developed a – fully VEGAN – CBD oil with vitamin D3. In an effort to protect against such diseases and offer those seeking natural supplements a perfect blend for a healthier immune response.

Source: dutchnaturalhealing.com

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