Auto Colorado Cookies® (Dutch Passion)


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Auto Colorado Cookies (Dutch Passion)

Auto Colorado Cookies are an easy to grow autoflowering variety with good yields. In the hands of an experienced grower, very high yields can be achieved.

It is a hybrid auto dominated by Indica with American genetics from the well-known Girl Scout Cookie variety. This strain is known for its very tasty, extremely sweet and fruity buds. A treat and a must-develop strain for US cannabis strain enthusiasts.

Auto Colorado Cookies do well in all types of systems and medium growing systems, growing quickly both tall and wide with a large main bloom and many smaller side blooms.

If you like a very relaxed but strong effect, then this is the strain for you.
Auto Colorado Cookies has a sweet and fruity aroma and high potency
Auto Colorado Cookies is known for its unique terpene profile that provides an intensely sweet and fruity taste and a wonderfully relaxing effect. It is loved for its sweet, tropical and berry taste. Some phenotypes can show a slightly earthier, woody character (pine) in addition to the sweet aroma.

However, this is rarely dominant. Its buds vary from a hybrid structure (thick and compact) to a sometimes slightly more open Sativa-like structure with foxtails. All flowers are covered with a solid white layer of hairs that can be quite sticky.

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Dutch Passion

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