Auto Imperium X® (Anesia Seeds)

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Sex: autoflowering seeds
Yield: 450-500 g/m² – up to 250 g/plant
Genetics: 60% sativa
Flowering time:9 weeks
suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Height: 70-100 cm – 80-120 cm
THC: 29%
Aroma/flavors: pineapple, sandalwood



Car Empire X®

Auto Imperium X was derived from City of God, White Angel and Auto Future #1. Through long and elaborate breeding methods we managed to stabilize this automatic strain and achieve an extremely high potency.

This automatic hybrid is ready for harvest 9 weeks after germination and yields large quantities of aromatic and resinous buds. The terpene profile is incredibly fruity and fresh.

However, what’s special is the high: it makes you fly higher than any other variety and it’s a whole universe of positive, euphoric, stimulating, sensory expansions and narcotic effects that rolls over your mind and body like a huge energy-filled cylinder. The effects are endless, unreal and include both intense relaxing ingredients and euphoric effects that send you into a real frenzy of creativity and give you a powerful energy boost.

It is the latest generation of automatic varieties that not only produces good yields, but also achieves an extremely high THC content of up to 29%. This overshadows many common strains of cannabis.

When you enjoy it, you will taste its multifaceted intensive aroma. The taste of Auto Imperium X is reminiscent of pineapple with a hint of sandalwood and spices. It makes you want more, but you should not underestimate the strong effects and it is better to consume it carefully at first.



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Anesia Seeds

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