Blue Cheese (Royal Queen Seeds)

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Blue Cheese was created by crossing the world-famous and much-loved Cheese, which first appeared in the UK, with the delicious and equally famous Blueberry. This variety has a full flavour and extremely intense effects.



Blue Cheese – A good combination of the most famous Cheese varieties

It took the combination of our best Blueberry varieties to match the incredible taste of Cheese and their union created the ultimate hybrid. After the initial crossing, it was recrossed with Cheese to further stabilize its genetic characteristics and refine the flavor and effects of this variety.

Blue Cheese takes about 60 to 65 days to complete its flowering period. The sweet, fruity cheese aroma begins to develop just a few weeks after the start of flowering and continues to develop as the plant grows. Most plants will reach a height of 80 to 140 cm. If grown outdoors they can be taller and will be ready for harvest in late September.

Excellent for SOG and hydroponic growing methods

Good growers will quickly realize that they will have good harvests to match – they can expect an average of 500 to 600 grams per square meter. The only drawback of Blue Cheese is the slightly above average leaf to flower ratio, which makes the plant a little difficult to trim. However, the extra effort will be rewarded. Blue Cheese copes very well with SOG growing techniques, both in hydroponics and soil.

Beautiful flowers

The taste of this variety is the perfect blend of the genetic material of its parents. The sweet fruity taste of Blueberry perfectly complements the earthy, musky taste of Cheese. The flowers are very dense and if grown properly, they are covered by a thick layer of hair. If you are a Cheese lover, then you must try Blue Cheese.

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Royal Queen Seeds

Πριν δημιουργηθεί η τράπεζα σπόρων της το 2007,  η RQS είχε μακροχρόνια γνώση και πάθος για την καλλιέργεια της κάνναβης. Μετά το τεράστιο ενδιαφέρον για τις ποικιλίες της, άνοιξε το πρώτο της  κατάστημα στο Άμστερνταμ, στην οδό Damstraat, το 2010. Το 2011, εγκαινιάσε την ιστοσελίδα της Royal Queen Seeds. Λόγω της αυξανόμενης ζήτησης, ανοίξε κι ένα άλλο κατάστημα στο Άμστερνταμ το 2015, στη Haarlemmerstraat, και το 2016 καλωσορίσε τους πρώτους της πελάτες στο κατάστημά της στην οδό Carrer de Pelai στη Βαρκελώνη της Ισπανίας. Σήμερα, η RQS λειτουργεί σε 17 χώρες στην Ευρώπη και προσφέρει 90+ ποικιλίες υψηλής ποιότητας, καθώς και εξοπλισμό, συμβουλές και γνώσεις.
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