Deimos Auto (Buddha Seeds)

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Sex: autoflowering seeds

Version:450 – 525 gr m2

External production per plant: 80-100 gr

Genetics: Indica

Flowering time: 70 days

suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Aromas/flavours: spicy nuances with fruity touches

Impact: relaxing



Deimos Auto (Buddha Seeds)

Deimos Auto is an Indica (Northern Lights) hybrid, the result of a combination of 7 generations with the aim of obtaining the characteristics of a classic plant in an auto variety.

It is a large-sized plant, with good growth in width and height. The selection of more branched specimens has prevailed; long side branches giving buds as large as those of the central branch.

This increases productivity, but the plant remains discreet in size, between 70 and 80 cm. Due to its nature, it becomes the perfect native plant for both outdoor and indoor use.

The strength of Deimos is very great, its taste is classic sweet and spicy, a perfect plant for relaxation, meditation, film, or medicinal use.


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Buddha Seeds

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