Epsilon F1

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Epsilon F1 is one of the first varieties in the world’s first F1 cannabis seed catalogue. Combining genetics from pure genetic lines derived from Blue Dream, Blueberry, Amnesia and Black Domina, this variety offers uniform growth, fine aromas and plenty of cannabinoids. In addition, it is the fastest autoflowering variety in the entire F1 series.



Epsilon F1: Powerful, Smooth and Fast

Epsilon F1 is the fastest of all the F1 cannabis varieties and combines genetic traits from some of the most notable cannabis varieties of the last few decades, including Blue Dream, Blueberry, Amnesia Lemon Haze and Black Domina. It has wonderful aromas, abundant cannabinoids and, like all RQS F1 seeds, unrivalled stability, resulting in a uniform crop that always produces high quality flowers. In addition, its autoflowering feature and extremely fast flowering time make Epsilon F1 an ideal choice for growers who are focused on getting to harvest as quickly as possible.

Effects, Flavors and Aromas of Epsilon F1: Citrus, Herbal and Berry Notes with Relaxing Effects

Thanks to the intense aromatic profiles of its parent varieties, Epsilon F1 has a rich aroma that combines notes of fresh herbs and citrus with full earthy tones and touches of blackberries and lavender. Epsilon F1 is a mid-potency strain that produces consistent levels of THC and a terpene profile dominated by myrcene, farnesene, ocimenium and limonene. These terpenes not only influence not only the wonderful aroma of Epsilon F1, but also its effect, offering long-lasting physical relaxation that soothes the whole body (mainly thanks to myrcene, linalool and farnesene), along with a boost of joy (thanks to limonene).

Growing Epsilon F1: Small, Uniform Plants with Very Short Flowering Time

The Epsilon F1 shows exceptional strength and resilience. The plants tend to be small and compact, having similar heights and similar structure (short with few side branches), resulting in a very uniform crop. Furthermore, once Epsilon F1 automatically enters the flowering phase, you will be pleased to notice that its developing flowers produce little to no fragrance until harvest. Combined with a fast flowering time of 30 days (60 days from germination to harvest), Epsilon F1 is an excellent choice for those who want a discreet crop.

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