Fat Banana Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

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Fat Banana Automatic is a perfect variety for Indica lovers looking for unparalleled taste and fast flowering



Fat Banana Automatic: relaxing effect and fruity taste

Its name perfectly characterizes it. Fat Banana Automatic gives off a strong tropical fruit scent and produces large, massive flowers. The variety is the autoflowering version of Fat Banana, a classic aromatic variety. This classic strain impressed the cannabis world with its crazy aroma, very high THC level and very satisfying yield. Our growers decided to cross this popular photoperiod variety with Ruderalis genes for several generations to create a fast and impressive self-adapting variety. Now, growing it is easier than ever with excellent yields in record time!


Fat Banana Auto inherited mostly Indica genes from the original variety. Like its ancestor, it produces an excellent and intensely physical effect. It has an immediate effect, immersing users in a euphoric state of relaxation. All of this is fueled by the high level of THC that makes Fat Banana Automatic rare in its kind. This variety is ideal for evening smoking. Users may feel that during the day too much relaxation makes them unproductive. So cook a nice meal, put on a good movie and get ready for a few hours of enjoyable couch sitting.

The potency of Fat Banana Automatic makes it useful on a pharmaceutical level as well. Its sedative nature is effective in reducing stress and its physical effect can help relieve physical discomfort and pain.

The name of the classic Fat Banana is no accident. Its large buds produce a fruity and sweet terpene profile. Fat Banana Automatic inherited these sweet aromas along with the sweet taste of banana and citrus.


Fat Banana Automatic offers a rich harvest after only 9-10 weeks from germination. Its rapid growth is an ideal feature for impatient growers who want to smoke the fruits of their crops as soon as possible. Indoors, it offers good performance up to 450g/m² and does not exceed 100 cm in height. Outdoors, the plants reach 120 cm in height and yield 175g per plant.

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