Guava Car (Fast Buds)

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  • Up to 28% THC! Power personalized.
  • Super odds, super fast. Up to 550 gr/m2 in 8-9 weeks!
  • Ideal for extractors. Ideal resin quality and taste for hash-makers.
  • Flexible development. Highly resistant to mould and pests, ideal for outdoors.
  • Thrives with basic maintenance. Minimum care yields maximum reward.


Guava Auto Fast Buds

Guava Auto, a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid autoflowering variety that makes growing cannabis extremely enjoyable. This variety is resistant to pests and mould, promising yields of up to 550 gr/m^2 in 8-9 weeks, ideal for beginners and busy growers. With 28% THC, it offers an effect that ranges from good mood to bliss, while smoking it enhances sociability and talkativeness. Its high production and resin quality make it ideal for hashish and extracts, offering a creamy, sweet tropical guava flavor.

The plant develops tight buds with vivid orange and pink-red tones in the trichomes, while the flowers are covered in a dense layer of resin that gives off a sweet, creamy fragrance. Ideal for producing quality extracts with these resinous flowers, it is the perfect choice for the most demanding.
Resistant to pests and mould, Guava Auto is ideal for harsh climates, developing a tall central trunk and short side branches, reaching up to 120 cm with yields of up to 550 gr/m2.

Its effect is pleasant, enhancing creativity and good mood. It is ideal for use at any time of the day, providing a happy and energetic boost without paralyzing your activities. Guava Auto offers a distinct taste of sweet guava and tropical fruit, with a noticeable biscuit background, creating a refreshing and sweet taste experience that refreshes the taste buds with every puff.

  • Genetic: Guava autoflowering
  • Species: 50% Sativa – 50% Indica
  • Type of plant: Automatic flowering
  • Flowering time: 8-9 weeks from seed
  • THC %: 28%
  • CBD%: –
  • Internal performance: 450 – 550 gr/m2
  • Yield outside: 60 – 200 g/plant
  • Height: up to 1,2m
  • Taste: sweet, fruits, guava
  • Action: creative, soothing, happiness waving, powerful mood enhancer, powerful mood booster


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