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HulkBerry is the other half of the Incredible Hulk. This female superhero has come to save your brain trip. Somewhere in the rocky mountains of Colorado, the dense forces of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel collided. Now the THC shockwave is sweeping Europe.



Hulkberry: The first cannabis strain with superpowers


For too long, lethargic Kush has dominated the top of the hemp consumer’s preferences. 2018 is the year when the “upward euphoria” goes into reverse. Hulkberry is the combination of Colorado’s strongest cannabis varieties. The award-winning O.G. Kush and the fruitier Strawberry Diesel variety collided to create a new dimension from which Hulkberry emerged.

Samples of Kush Banner #3 that have been tested for THC content have reached an incredible 28% and until recently were only sold by Colorado’s finest dispensaries. Now, the world’s strongest variety is finally available in feminized seeds. Make room in your crop for the Hulk to smash the competition.


RQS’s Bruce Banner is a predominantly Sativa hybrid, which first displayed the #3 phenotype and became the cultivar that expanded across the US. This is the plant with the OG look and sophisticated strawberry smell that swept the HTCC competition in 2014. Most growers can’t resist the full and dense Kush flowers, which contain just the right combination of sweet and fruity aromas.

However, at least two more phenotypes that are sure to pique the interest of collectors are likely to appear in cultivation. Phenotype #1 is close to a 50-50 mix of the original varieties. On the other hand, the phenotype known as #5 tends in the opposite direction of #3 and is more reminiscent of Strawberry Diesel than OG Kush. You might want to consider keeping more than one mother plant because whatever phenotype you get is worth keeping.

With 12 hours of sunshine and 12 hours of darkness, Hulkberry will complete its bloom in 9-10 weeks, filled with flowers that look like they’ve been dusted with snow. Expect the flowers to lengthen and thicken considerably during flowering, like those of OG Kush. You will be surprised by the fruity, berry-like aromas that rival the classic and lemony aromas. Even veteran Kush growers will be impressed by the final weight of the crop. Hulkberry is ideal for growing with the SOG and ScrOG growing methods.


The effect of just a few puffs of this herbal Hulk is incredible. Hulkberry turns into a monster when consumed. Lighting a cigarette is more like lighting a rocket. Every puff of this brain smoke will raise you to an even higher level of euphoria. Hulkberry will launch you with a familiar taste, and just when you expect to land back on earth, the second euphoria stage will launch you on a journey to the last frontier of your brain. While you will be licking your lips because of the sweet and sour aftertaste it leaves, your mind will be flying to other planets. Very experienced users may have the stamina to explore the creative side of this journey. Most, however, will enjoy it as a long, happy and euphoric brain trip.

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