PieceMaker Kolt Pink Glow Silicone Bong


Material: Silicone for food
Colour: Pink
Motive: glows in the dark
Print: PieceMaker-Logo
Height: 233 mm
Diameter: 78/40mm
Grind: Plug Chillum
Percolator / Diffuser: no
Ice: no
Kickhole: yes
Oil: no
Info: Diffuser Chillum L 104mm



PieceMaker Kolt Pink Glow Silicone Bong

The flexible water bong “Kolt” from PieceMaker™, USA, is made of high quality food grade silicone.

The tube that won the west. Featuring a unique pistol grip and a 9-inch height, the Kolt’s angled neck allows for a greater strike and zero chance of splashing back.

It’s perfect for everyday use, on trips and festivals, on the open sea and on the balcony – or even on the run when there’s a zombie apocalypse!
As the Chillum, with slots , is also made of silicone, this bong has no glass parts

The PieceMaker Kolt Pink Glow Silicone Bong is lightweight, can be folded and is difficult to break. The herb bowl has a built-in stainless steel sieve and lid. For better hits, “Kolt” has a hole. Because of the handle, the bong is particularly easy to use.

Please note: Designs with more than one colour (e.g. Kwest Swirl, Lollipop Swirl) may have different colour patterns and therefore deviations from the product photo. It is not possible to choose the pattern!



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