Royal Cookies Feminized (Royal Queen Seeds)

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Royal Cookies brings the best of California genetics here to Europe. Because it combines the best genetics of the Cookies family, it produces a sweet and rich flower capable of uplifting the spirit while relaxing the body. Thanks to the genetic prevalence of Indica, it can produce up to 525g/m² in just 8-9 weeks of flowering.



A delicious cookie mix – Royal Cookies

Royal Cookies is a royal delicacy. This top variety was created thanks to an extremely rigorous and intensive breeding program that includes some of the best Cookie varieties. It is the result of mixing two Forum Cookies S1 show varieties, resulting in the creation of a variety so strong that it will move even the most experienced!

Royal Cookies is a variety that will do equally well in both indoor and outdoor cultivation. However, to perform at its best outdoors, it must be grown in a warm climate. Thanks to the genetic predominance of Indica, it will climb to a small height, reaching 80-110 cm. in indoor cultivation. However, this will not prevent its generous yield, which reaches 450-525g/m² after 8-9 weeks of flowering. Royal Cookies in outdoor cultivation will climb to a greater height somewhere between 140-180 cm. It is usually ready for harvest in mid-October, yielding 450-500 grams per plant.

Very high THC content

The aroma and taste produced by Royal Cookies is worthy of its name, with an intense and tickling taste that contains sweet and earthy notes. However, the pleasure it offers is not limited to its taste. It causes a strong “lift” that elevates the spirit and causes euphoria, while gently pushing the body into relaxation. Its content is so high that inexperienced users should exercise caution, as with a THC content of up to 23% it can quickly fool the unsuspecting.

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Royal Queen Seeds

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