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Jack Herer is a great variety named after a great man. He was a tireless activist for the legalisation of cannabis and author of the book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, also known as the “Hemp Bible”. Herer was a strong voice in the cannabis movement until his death in 2010.




The Jack Herer variety is as famous as the man who gave it its name, bringing with it a legacy that stands the test of time. The original photo-period variety has been loved by many cannabis consumers around the world and now comes in an easier-to-grow version, the Royal Jack Automatic. Retaining the strong and refreshing lift of a Sativa-dominated variety, the fresh, peppery aroma offers something new and interesting to those who have not yet grown this beautiful variety.

The typical uptake of this strain is creative and energetic, but thanks to the blend of Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk genetics, it also has a touch of Indica-like relaxation. The Royal Jack Automatic has some features, such as a peppery profile, reminiscent of Haze. Its smoke is cool and smooth with a somewhat spicy taste, as is the original Jack Herer variety.
Royal Queen Seeds is proud to continue the tribute to Jack Herer, the emperor of cannabis, with this exceptional autoflowering variety.

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