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  • Feminized strain
  • Sativa / indica hybrid
  • Short flowering period
  • Average height gain
  • Large yield
  • Sunny / Mediterranean

seed type Feminized strain
Sativa / indica Sativa / indica hybrid
flowering time Short flowering period
Height Average height gain
Yield Large yield
climate zone Sunny / Mediterranean


Skunk Kush Feminized
Skunk Kush Feminized is a 60% indica/40% indica sativa hybrid with impressive genetics. Being a blend of pure Afghan Hindu Kush and Skunk #1, it is also known as Hindu Skunk. Skunk Kush female seeds produce vigorous and high yielding plants. Several generations of cross-breeding of the original Skunk Kush mean that this strain has a distinctly different personality from the rest of the Kush family.

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