Strawberry Pie Car (Fast Buds)

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  • Powerful 26% THC! One of our strongest strains, both in potency and in terpenes that are fruity and delicious. Remarkable potency.
  • Amazing trichomes. In the final flowering phase, the flowers “swim” in the resin.
  • High production efficiency. The strain has a production yield of up to 550gr/m2 in less than 65 days!
  • Candy flowers. A complex mixture of cookie dough, cream, and gas gives the strain a skunky flavor reminiscent of strawberry marshmallows.
  • Ideal for stealth growers. Extremely compact seedlings that do not exceed 100cm in height. Ideal choice for limited space.


Strawberry Pie Auto is a hybrid autoflowering cannabis strain that stands out with its wonderful aromas, delicious flavours, beautiful colours and amazing 26% THC content. This strain is dominated by red berries and cookie dough that your taste buds will love. This super productive Indica-dominant cannabis seedling will fully mature in about 9 weeks and has an estimated yield of up to 550gr/m2 of thick and dense light green flowers (buds) that stand out with their lovely pink, purple, and red hues, creating an attractive colour contrast with the long orange bracts.

In general, it belongs to the beautiful and very productive hybrid autoflowering cannabis seedlings that are an excellent choice for commercial cannabis growers. Of course, it’s also the perfect choice for those looking for cannabis weed that offers a complete relaxing effect with fruity elements. The influence of this particular strain will help you to relax and maintain your concentration, without making you very sleepy. This particular cannabis seedling does equally well indoors and outdoors. Outdoor cannabis growers will love it, as they can benefit from the high production yields and colourful flowers. Finally, both cannabis extractors and hash producers alike will love it, as it is a hybrid strain of cannabis that produces crazy amounts of trichomes.

Flower description

Strawberry Pie Auto produces charming green and pink flowers (buds) that will “swim” in the trichomes and have long, light orange hairs. These compact hybrid autoflowering hybrid cannabis seedlings also produce colourful light purple, red, and yellow leaves, which emerge from the flowers. It is undoubtedly a truly stunning and attractive variety of hybrid cannabis.

Effects of smoking

The effect is typical of the Indica family. It won’t “stick you on the couch” or make you terribly drowsy, instead it will pleasantly relax your body while helping you maintain your ability to concentrate and alertness at high levels. Perfect choice for afternoon or evening use, for those difficult days when you need relaxation and tranquility, ideal companion when reading a book or watching a movie.

Show plant Strawberry Pie Auto plant

Reaching a height of about 100cm, it is a hybrid autoflower hemp seedling that is quite compact and with an estimated yield of up to 550gr/m2. The seedling develops a main stem (main cola) with large thick fan-shaped leaves, typical of Indica stems, and symmetrical side branches that are “loaded” with flowers (buds) from top to bottom. The flowers usually develop reddish tones, flirting with pink and purple hues. When harvest time comes, the flowers get a fantastic frosty cover and are “flooded” with excellent strawberry-scented trichomes.

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