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The Triple G Automatic outshines the vast majority of autoflowering varieties. The high levels of THC make it stand out even from many photoperiod varieties, and the complex, delicious terpene profile is impressive. Moreover, it performs very satisfactorily in just a few weeks. If you are looking for a variety with a strong effect and fast growth, you have just found it.



Triple G Automatic: Intense Effect and Flavour

Triple G Automatic offers even more flavour and power in the Premium USA variety category. This fast-growing variety ranks among the strongest self-adapting varieties available. Combined with its complex and sweet terpene profile, it has become the first choice for beginners and experienced users alike.

The Genetics of Triple G Automatic: Royal Gorilla and Green Gelato with Skunk combination

Royal Queen Seeds’ cannabis breeding experts decided to create Triple G Automatic inspired by the exhilarating taste and effect of Royal Gorilla x Green Gelato. Their aim was to be able to offer a variety that was just as tasty, while greatly reducing the length of the growing cycle. To achieve this, they combined the Triple G with the Big Skunk Auto, which is a highly productive and durable variety of self-seating. This combination resulted in a genetic profile of 80% Indica, 15% Sativa and 5% Ruderalis.

Fragrance, Taste and Effect

What expectations can you have from a bong or a vaporizer filled with Triple G Automatic? Get ready for an immediate, intense and strong euphoric sensation in the body. With a 20% THC content, with just two inhalations you will feel a wave of relaxation flow through every muscle in your body. As you are overcome with a sense of euphoria, earthy, caramel, chocolate and Skunk flavours will satisfy your taste buds.

Development Features

Triple G Auto offers excellent performance and in a very short time. Houseplants grow up to a height of 60-120cm and yield up to 500g/m². The height of the outdoor plants reaches up to 140cm and they yield generously, producing 75-140g/plant. And the best part? Only 10-12 weeks are required between sowing and harvesting.

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