Atomical Haze Feminized (Paradise Seeds)

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80% Sativa 20% Indica


Performance Time
63 days

150CM, 450 Gr


Haze, sweet



Atomical Haze Feminized (Paradise Seeds)

Superior Legend… Expect nice big buds with Atomical Haze, because this Sativa-dominant variety combines the best varieties from around the world into one explosive plant.

It is one of the new generation varieties and is our version of the classic connoisseur’s choice. Atomical Haze combines the original Haze (genetic elements of sativa from Colombia, Mexico and Thailand) with a classic Indian sativa and a sweet Afghan indica. This hybrid combination has created something very special – a high yielding plant that dominates the sativa and is built to perform.

Cannabis genealogy
Atomical Haze is an exotic 80:20 triple sativa/indica hybrid of Original Haze crossed with an Indian sativa and an Indian afghan. The result is a fully bloodstained Haze with notable interventions in the familiar genre. For example, it is a plant that does not grow as uncontrollably as other Hazes, with branch growth characterized by large buds.

Aromas and flavours
This strain took 1st place in the sativa category at Canada’s Treating Yourself Marijuana Cup, thanks to its sweet and sour taste with a beautifully hazy aftertaste. The intense sweetness of the fruity aroma caused by the lemon, with a small dose of Haze, is evident during the development stage. However, once dried is when the flavor really comes to the fore with a super sweetness in the buds, balanced with a pinch of tartness and a nice hazey aftertaste.

This plant is characterized by a high calyx to leaf ratio. Unlike many sativas, Atomical Haze cannabis seeds produce a plant known for its particularly large buds. Bud production is really quite impressive – the buds are dense and thick and extremely resinous.

Indoor performance: 450 grams per square meter.
Outdoor yield: 800 g per plant

Recreation: This bud produces a long-lasting effect that is best suited for daytime use. It is renowned for its incredible energy, with a remarkable impact on the body, as well as for its very clear and vivid effect on the mind. The long-lasting strength is also a recognized characteristic of this variety. As a result, it’s definitely a get-up-and-go cannabis strain – an energetic daytime companion that’s also ideal for socialising with friends or going out on the town after dark.

Medical The energetic effect is enjoyed by medical users with conditions where chronic fatigue is a feature and is also good for stimulating appetite.

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