Pandora (Paradise Seeds)

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70% Indica 30% Sativa



63 days


Intense sense of buoyancy, long lasting

Spicy, Sweet



Pandora (Paradise Seeds)

In Greek myth, Pandora was the first woman on earth, endowed with a special gift from each of the gods who sat atop Mount Olympus. This was the inspiration for the name of this sweet and spicy Pandora plant dominated by indica, a high yielding plant and one of the fastest finishes in the Paradise Auto collection.

Pandora from Paradise Seeds is one of our native varieties that has been bred with the medical user in mind. When it was first released, it gained a reputation for being one of the most potent Autoflower plant varieties in the world. We used the ruderalis genes to give her the characteristic fast flowering time and short stature, but the rest of Pandora’s personality is pure indica, in the tradition of our famous Sensi Star and Spoetnik #1.

A true Indica heritage is found in the genetic composition of Pandora hemp seeds. The plants produced by this variety are characterised by a vigour that comes from its parents, who were plucked from the Indian subcontinent. The blend is dominated by an oily Afghan earth variety and a measure of Indian sativa to bring some balance to the strain. The Auto component comes from the strain cannabis ruderalis which grows in the Arctic Circle region.

Aromas and flavours
The aroma has been described as intense and sweet in the cultivation room, with Humulene and Caryophyllene dominating the terpene profile. The sweetness carries over to the taste when the buds are dry, accompanied by a pleasantly spicy edge.

Pandora’s top branches produce long, thick glumes, while the side branches hang heavily with thick, long, conical buds that indicate the origin of the indica strain.

Recreation: An indica that is known for its sense of warmth that offers its relaxing effect, along with a feeling that takes the mind away from earthly stress to a pleasant place above the clouds.

Medical: .As one of our original medically oriented Autoflower varieties, Pandora is valued for its relaxing properties and is also known to stimulate the appetite. The general sense of well-being that this plant offers makes it a popular choice for medical users growing their own medicine.

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