Car Blackberry Moonrocks

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Yield: 450g/m² – 180g/plant
Genetics: 80% Indica
cycle: 10 weeks
suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Height: 70-90 cm – 70-100 cm
THC: 25%
Aroma/flavors: lavender, blackberry



Looking for an auto-flowering cannabis strain that will launch you into new realms and at the same time have an incredibly fruity aroma? Auto Blackberry Moonrocks offers us just that and an extremely short waiting time of just 10 weeks. That’s why we crossed a Blue Moonrock with Auto Blueberry Banana and a Blackberry Kush and chose them for strength and taste.

Auto Blackberry Moonrocks, like our photoperiodic variant, is a dominant indica strain that produces fatty, resinous flowers which, especially in cooler night temperatures, turn dark, almost black and reminiscent of moonrock. This strain is nothing for beginners, because its gigantic THC content of up to 25% and extensive terpene palette give very intense effects. Its effects are mainly determined by indica, but it also has sativa euphoric effects that enhance mood. Auto Blackberry Moonrocks combines a wide range of different effects, while always creating a good feeling and setting a happy mood.

Medical use
Due to its high THC content, it is a valuable medicinal cannabis strain for the treatment of pain, anxiety, MS and sleep disorders. It ensures a comfortable sleep and helps to find rest after a stressful day.

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