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Cookies Gelato Automatic combines the speed of an automatic flowering variety with the THC levels of a photo-period variety. In just 10 weeks, this potent strain produces dense flowers packed with 23% THC. Cannabinoids are not the only phytochemicals found in its flowers. It also contains an abundance of terpenes that offer earthy, honey and biscuit flavours.



Cookies Gelato Automatic: with THC levels at their highest

Cookies Gelato Automatic came to end the stereotypical perception that self-adapting varieties are disadvantaged in terms of their intensity of effect. In terms of THC content, this variety outshines a large number of photoperiod varieties, while retaining the advantage of rapid growth.

Cookies Gelato Automatic: the offspring of Cookies Gelato and Big Skunk Auto

The idea of Cookies Gelato Auto was conceived to put an end to the compulsory choice between power and speed that characterises the self-choosing varieties. Our expert agronomists achieved this goal by crossing the parent varieties Cookies Gelato and Big Skunk Auto. After a period of experimentation, they created a variety with very high levels of THC and genes 20% Sativa, 75% Indica and 5% Ruderalis.

Fragrance, Taste and Effect

We advise you to approach this variety with proper planning. You could undoubtedly take advantage of it in a spontaneous moment, driven by a strong desire, but if you do this on your way to work or before a business meeting, you may not be able to concentrate to the extent required by circumstances. Its immersive physical effect – enhanced by its 23% THC content – will be most enjoyed during a quiet night at home, on camping trips, during sunbathing and any other activity aimed at relaxation. This variety, in addition to the relaxing vibrations that overwhelm the body, offers satisfaction to the taste buds, with earthy, fruit, biscuit and honey flavours.

Development Features

What can you expect after placing these seeds in the soil? Houseplants reach a height of 90-140cm and yield about 500g/m². In the case of outdoor cultivation, the plants reach a height of 140cm and yield 80-140g per plant. You will be able to harvest your buds in just 10-12 weeks after germination.

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