Killer A5 Haze Feminized (Ace Seeds)

50,00 80,00 

80 % sativa / 20 % indica

23-30 %


0,3 %

9-12 weeks

End of October/November

Very high

Extremely powerful, complex, deep and long-lasting. Psychedelic principle that completely changes visual, auditory and tactile perception, launching the psyche into new dimensions where there seems to be no tangible reality. As the effect progresses, it causes an uncontrollable exhilaration, and later becomes more introverted and physical, causing a strong mind-body dissociation and a strong final sedation similar to opiates. Recommended only for the most intrepid and experienced psychonauts. Can cause panic and/or complete physical exhaustion in users with low tolerance or no experience with powerful sativas of this caliber. Nothing will ever be the same after you try Killer A5 Haze.

Old school Dutch fragrance of dark fiery Haze, touches of flower petals, resin and hardened wood.



Killer A5 Haze Feminized (Ace Seeds)

At ACE Seeds we’ve done it again with Killer A5 Haze, creating a new monster sativa hybrid that has the potential to produce the most potent plants, with the highest amount of THC in our catalogue.

A5 Haze is one of the rarest mothers (and perhaps the strongest) belonging to the family of Dutch elite Haze hybrid clones developed by Nevil Schoenmakers in the late 1980s and maintained to this day. This mother Northern Lights #5/Haze A is characterized by its extremely trippy and destructive power, high production and by the angry, organic and meaty aromas of authentic Dutch “Old School” Haze with a greater influence of ancient Colombian sativas. The rarity of this mother A5 Haze is due to the fact that Nevil lost the Haze A male very early on, meaning that seeds were never produced in commercial quantities using this Haze A male.

With Killer A5 Haze our main goal was to create a dominant sativa hybrid that would maintain (and even exceed) the extreme vigor, high vigor and high yields of the A5 mother, and we achieved this by hybridizing her with the killer phenotypes of our strong Malawi, with which we increased the THC content even further, up to 30% (the maximum that cannabis plants can produce). At the same time, we significantly increased resin production and coat size and reduced A5 Haze’s long flowering time to something more moderate (not only indoors, but also in its faster response to flowering outdoors), without having to introduce indica genetics. Despite its great sativa vigour and very high production, Killer A5 Haze grows at a limited and manageable size, making it the dominant sativa hybrid with the highest production per m2.

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