Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds by White Label

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data sheet
Sativa / indica Sativa / indica hybrid
flowering time Short flowering period
Height Compact plant
Yield Medium yield
climate zone Temperate / continental

Skunk #1 Automatic Seeds by White Label (Sensi Seeds)

The original Skunk #1 Automatic by White Label is the gold standard for uniform, fast-growing, high-yielding cannabis strains.
It is the basis for countless modern hybrids. The development of an automatic version of this original variation was expected.
It includes 35% sativa and 65% indica genes.

As with all cannabis strains, buds form automatically. With Skunk #1 Automatic by White Label, this happens around the sixth week of the growing season, so that the plants are forming their fifth to seventh set of true leaves. If grown indoors, the plants can reach full maturity within just seven weeks from the start of flowering, yielding a crop of dense, hair-covered buds.

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